The Hunting

I’m posting a few quick game reviews this week and thought I’d continue on with this really remarkable game: The Hunting.

The Hunting
The Good: 
I have to give props where they are due. This actually scared me at one point.

Ok so  I downloaded the free first chapter of this game about a month ago and they recently had an update adding new variations to the story. So when I purchased the second two chapters I decided to go back and replay the first one just as a sort of refresher and to check out the updates. Keep in mind the first chapter is more of a free playable preview than anything else. But the subtle changes and the alternate story choices that I ran into were totally unexpected. There were sudden zombie attacks where there hadn’t been my first time around and it scared the bejesus out of me.

One of the things that makes this game so fun and unique is that it is shot entirely in first person mode so you’re seeing it as if it were happening to you. It’s not programmed or designed in first person, it’s SHOT in first person. You’re watching a movie. Apparently the entire thing was filmed on an iPhone so you can add that to your list of neato.

The Mediocre 
The scares seem pretty well put together with zombies popping up here and there or moving creakily off to the side. In both cases, not seeing them so clearly makes it a bit easier to buy the crappy makeup effects. Hopefully they’ll improve as the game goes on.

The Bad:
At this point I don’t have much bad to say about the game. Only a minor wish list. The chapters of the game are split up into separate apps. It would be more efficient to have them all in one big app that allows for in-app purchases which is how the Walking Dead and many other games are organized. I’m not sure why the developers went the multi-app route but it seems like a  detraction.

I suppose I’d also like to see more choices and variations. But that’s just picking nits.

So is it worth picking up?
The first chapter is free and it’s a nice little preview of how the game is going to play. The next one is just a buck. So why NOT get them both and have some fun with it?


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