The Walking Dead Game

You may have seen a few game reviews on here a loooooooooong time ago. Although I do like playing a few video games once in a while, I’m not a real “gamer.” And that’s sort of a shame because with my love of the undead I’m missing out on tons of great zombie-related fun. After all zombies are HUUUUUGE in the gaming world.

Fortunately for me there are plenty of good games out on iOS just waiting for me to get my fingers on. So I’ve decided to dedicate this week to a few of the games I’ve played on my phone when I probably should have been doing something else like reading, exercising or feeding the baby.

So! Let’s kick off the week with one of the absolute best and worst of the games available on iOS, The Walking Dead which came out waaaaay back in 2012.

the walking dead

The Good:
One of the things I love about the game is the artwork. It manages to ride a nice line between comic-book art and live action imagery. The colors really appeal to me and they even manage to keep a lot of the rough lines that make drawings so appealing. Throughout the game, lighting expression and settings are neatly and consistently developed in such a way that it feels totally natural to fall right into.

Although some reviewers have said they don’t like the story so much I have to disagree to a certain extent. I say this as a player of the game and sometimes fan of the show. I’ve never read the comic (thanks to Amazon for never delivering the first volume when I ordered it.) For me, the game felt fresh and I didn’t notice a lot of what are actually Walking Dead clichés. If you’ve read the comic and have seen the whole show up to now, you might find the story fits in nicely with the rest of the WD universe but that there aren’t many surprises. Even the surprises aren’t actually all that surprising after a bit.


The Bad: 
One of the games strengths is it’s incredible character development. I actually felt really bad for some characters and my repeated game play was mostly to go back and desperately try to find a way to save them if I could. (I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say some characters die.)

But the development of the characters and telling of the story is also the game’s biggest drawback. Because in the end it’s not really a game at all. That is, there is very little actual game play involved. Occasionally you are under threat of a zombie or two and have to tap a little white button on it’s face to kill it. But that is incredibly easy to do. You might have to swipe across the screen once in a while too but that’s not such a big deal either. Essentially you’re going to be watching an episode of the WD while choosing some of the characters lines for them from a short menu of four choices.

Although the game says it changes and adapts depending upon your choices the changes are minor. Some different dialogue, a slightly more or less chummy relationship with some characters but not much else. Near the end, in the final chapters there are some bigger changes. Some characters may come with you or stay behind, you might lose a limb or not, some characters might die now or ten minutes from now but in the end the game plays out pretty much the same way all the time.

I’ll note that now that Season Two is coming out, that’s season two of the game not the show, some of the choices made in season one might be coming back to bite us on the ass a bit more than they we had thought they would. We’ll have to wait and see.

One tiny gripe I might make is that there are a limited number of zombie types. Although there is a good amount of variety, you’ll notice the same types popping up again and again throughout the game. I’m hoping to see just a bit more variety in the next season.

The Ugly:
I sort of wanted to finish by saying the price tag is the ugly but actually it’s not that bad. Should you pick it up?

I say yes.

The game is going to be different to nearly any other game out there and has great art and graphics with a good, albeit depressing story.

If you’re looking for a good story and not just your typical shoot-em’- up, this might be a good one for you.


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