Body art festival

This week my theme is Zombillies, my new favorite type of zombie. We’ve seen male, zombie rockers and awesome zombie pin up girls as well as a couple of famous Zombillies. Now check out this amazing event that’s coming up early next year where you can get your rock on!

Ok, I don’t do this often but I’m rebloging this information because it just seems so fantastic.

Zombillies is the theme for 2014’s Greater Midwest Body Art Fest in Madison, WI.

Its no secret that Dawn Marie and Michelle have a love of body art. What everyone doesn’t know is that they also have a great love of music. It is their goal to combine their loves with this year’s theme. Who can say no to a horde of Rockabilly zombies or “Zombillies” as they have been coined?

Imagine a 1950’s pinup in all her glamour and glitter meeting a night of dreadful horror. The King is Undead! Think Johnny Cash, custom hot rods, tattoos and great hair!

The Greater Midwest Body Art Fest will be three full days of face painting, airbrush, special fx, hd makeup and even some business classes. World class instructors will be teaching their tricks and tips. There will be jams and nightly entertainment, plus an awesome party on Saturday night, with awards and prizes for competitors.

Glitter to Gore, LLC has also teamed up with the Zombillies Film Fest! There will be zombie and monster movie premieres. Directors and producers will be in attendance. It will be some great Midwestern fun! Check out the Zombillies Film Fest here.

Join our Zombillies group on Facebook here:


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