My Favorite Zombie Costumes

This year I’ve really struggled with my costume choice. I have, unfortunately either been extremely sick or busy every year at Halloween and since I live in Japan where Halloween has only recently been taking off it’s sort of hard to come by costumes. So what am I going as? As of this writing I’m going to a party in my work clothes carrying a teddy bear and telling people I’m Ted from the movie Ted. This is sort of a shitty costume except that I do a REALLY good Ted voice most days and like I said it was a bit hard to find the costume that I wanted which was a Bane mask. I also do a pretty solid Bane.

Why not a zombie?

Been there, done that. Yeah. I know. Crazy right? Nevertheless, here are my top picks for the most awesome zombie costumes.


Bwahahahahahahhaha. I LOVE this. Am I a sinner for liking it? No. Because the whole concept of sin is a man-made set of values imposed upon otherwise free-thinking people.


Tarman! This is the zombie responsible for my fear and love of the whole zombie genre. So yeah I’m biased, but hey, this is my blog and since we don’t believe in editorialism anymore I feel free to be as biased and opinionated in my choice of zombie costumes as I like.


Holy shit I can’t even look at this one it’s so freaky. I love it, but being a new dad . . . eewwww. Creepy!! Great costume.

People Attempt A World Record For The Most Zombies In One Place

This is a costume of Buster from Arrested Development as a zombie. How wonderfully obscure.


What? You were looking at her mouth? Yeah that’s pretty good. It’s not in keeping with the traditional “zombie” and is more of a monster face buuuuut she’s hot so we’ll let her go on that one.


I don’t know who this guy actually is but the picture makes me think of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. It’s just flamboyant enough while keeping that deep south charm and creep to it. Why would a zombie need an umbrella? Because he’s a gentleman of course. Bravo on a sweet zombie costume.

And finally THIS little cutie. Check out this little boy in a light-up skeleton costume. CUTEST THING EVER!!


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Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

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