Character Bio – Giler

When I first started writing about Giler and Saru facing off against the zombies I’d already set down the sketches and stories for a number of other adventures. Around Halloween I started wondering about a holiday themed version of the first adventure which involved a horrible creature hiding in the couch. Over time that grew into an incredibly stinky adventure.

So who are these two titular characters?

Giler is based on a cat I adopted while I was still in university. Two friends of mine were leaving the practice place for their band one night when a cat jumped out of a second story window and crashed down in front of them. Unable to take care of him themselves, I took the little guy in. Struggling for a name I eventually settled on Giler after David Giler who worked on the Aliens series.

Giler Corner Peek
This image is included in my latest book, Zombies – The Stinking Dead.

giler chased

Giler Laughs board up the windows Giler gets scared easily

Giler, the real Giler died a few years ago, but I’m glad to say he had a good life and he still lives on in our little adventures, and NOT as a zombie.

If you’ve seen the sorts of zombies I post on this site you know that I often have some pretty nasty gutsy horrors. And by gutsy I mean they have their guts hanging out some of the time. When making my kids book though I thought it was important to differentiate between the truly nasty and the simply gross. The idea wasn’t to scare kids so much as to have fun being grossed out by the smell and the mess and the stink of the zombies.

Check out more of Giler and Saru’s adventure in the coming days or on iTunes by clicking here.


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