The Governors Head Collection

AMC’s The Walking Dead has done an amazing job so far of not only freaking me out while telling a hell of a good story but they’ve developed some incredible characters along the way. The despotic baddy of the Governor is one of the best, most human villains we’ve ever seen. (And yes, I know the show and the comics are quite different.)

One brilliant scene that speaks volumes without saying anything has the governor in his “study” looking at fish tanks full of severed zombie heads, still chomping weakly away at the world.

We could say that it’s sort of like watching TV for the governor, in a world without TV. But watching heads chomping away in desperation within their tank means a hell of a lot more than that to him. With his infected daughter locked up just a matter of feet away it’s impossible to think it’s just recreation.

It meditation.

Staring at their dead faces, blank eyes, emotionless hunger, for hours. Michonne’s attackers are there, the military guy the Governor killed, all of them, endlessly hungering. Was it one of them who bit his daughter? Who were they in life? Who were they in death?

the governors head collection

In the actor’s own words:

“Well, for me there is a sense of: if you’re going to survive in this world you’d better have a thick skin and be able to desensitize yourself to the things that you are going to see around you. And I certainly think there’s a sense of the Governor doing that. It’s also his plaything. It’s his man cave. It’s where he goes, so it’s about where he looks into the deepest place inside himself and that’s where he goes for that. That room is very special to him.”

I found that little gem on this page.


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