Francesca the head

Having looked at some great heads this week in zombie lore one of my favorites would have to be Francesca from Dellamorte Dellamore or Cemetery Man.  The daughter of the Mayor of the small town of Bafalore, Francesca was in love with the bad boy motorcycle gang leader Paolo. Death can change a person’s feelings though and with her body and head no longer in cohesive contact she found herself enthralled with the simplest simpleton of them all, Gnaghi. The poor fat bastard kept her around his little hovel and even stuck her inside his TV, (the screen having been shot out) where she did a little song for him.

Francesca is an unusual type of zombie in that she was a head, was able to talk just fine, (despite not having a neck, vocal cords, or air to move them,) and was even ambulatory. She could follow Gnaghi along the ground and was even able to launch herself from her TV tank at her loving father when he threatened to separate her and Gnaghi. Dear Francesca is, of course, just a fun fictional element fulfilling the roll her character was meant to do in a very unusual and introspective little zombie flick.

If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and check out one of my personal favorite zombie movies, Dellamorte Deallmore.




dellamorte dellamore


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