The Walking Dead box set

When the first new Star Trek movie came out my wife gave me the box set which was pretty impressive. A scale model of the Enterprise where the saucer section opens up to reveal the DVDs within. Now that’s a pretty sweet box set but now I have my eyes set on this amazing beauty.
Talk about your badass box sets. It’s a zombie head with a screwdriver threw the eye. This is a box set for a real fan of the show who just can’t get their hands on a walker fast enough. The idea of this sitting on my shelf while we have polite company over for dinner just thrills me. Yeah it’s a bit tacky and it does seem a little like something you would buy at the mall but in this case I just don’t care. (I really need to stop making bad puns.)

The zombie featured here is from RV scene where Andrea was stuck in the bathroom and a skinny zombie nearly gnawed her till she finally stepped up, stopped panicking and jabbed that bastard in the eye. It was a huge turning point for a character that had plenty of them and a huge turning point for the casual DVD collector as well.

Honestly since I purchase most of my vids digitally I think having this kind of box set is a real treat for fans since it gives them something physical to connect to.

the-walking-dead-season-2-limited-edition-blu-ray 1

And if you wanted to get even more head, you could always opt for the season three box set which is just an amazing rendition of the tanks of heads in the Governor’s office.



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