Florida Zombie Attack

WARNING: Though I do post some pretty nasty images on this blog they are all fictional and either makeup effects, baked goods, or illustrations. The images below are of a real victim of an attack and may not be suitable for some readers.

googleThis week I’ve taken time away from my illustrations of zombies to look at some other people’s work. To do this I did a quick Google image search of the word zombie and pulled out five of the most interesting images. In today’s case I’ve chosen an image and a story that is unlike any other.

On May 26th 2012 an attack occurred in Florida that was unlike nearly anything you may have heard of before. Rudy Eugene, supposedly hopped up on the drug bath salts attacked an elderly homeless man named Ronald Poppo, eating his face off, leaving him deformed and blind. Eugene was shot dead by police arriving on the scene, meaning no one was able to ask him about his motives. Added to that, toxicology reports have left the effect of bath salts in the attack a bit unclear as no correlation could be drawn between the drug and the attack. The attack could have been caused by a mental aberration of some sort.

This story was picked up and distributed both as a cannibal attack and later as a zombie attack. When the story broke a lot of people were entertained and amazed by it but getting right down to reality it’s really a terrible even. An attack like this can ruin lives and Ronald Poppo’s life was already a bit rough as he was homeless. As much as I like horror movies, I certainly don’t like real suffering so I found the story both fascinating and heart breaking.

If anything it is a clear reminder about the dangers faced by homeless people.

Scroll down for images.




Ron Poppo


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