I’m glad I waited just a bit to write this review because I didn’t have a very good opinion of this movie when I first saw it though the more I think about it the more I like it. So, unlike my reviews for [Rec] and [Rec]2 I’m going to break this into the good and the bad.


Let’s start with the bad and get that out of the way.

The bad in this movie is primarily related to highly distracting costume choices. One of the guests at the wedding where the movie takes place is dressed like a giant cheese wheel? Cracker? Regardless of what the costume was, it looked ridiculous to the point of distraction.

The other obnoxious costume choice was to put the groom in knight’s armor, give him a  spiked mace and a sword and set him loose in defense of his bride. It was the sort of thing that would fit well in some other movie but seems out of place in the [Rec] series. This, and the choice to give Clara, the bride a chainsaw and a “Groovy” moment where she inexplicably cuts off part of her dress with a chainsaw seem more like an attempt to make [Rec] more like Evil Dead. Again, some of these things aren’t half bad on their own but seem to incongruous in this series.

These stylistic changes are so completely different from the first two films that I had a pretty negative reaction to the film at first.

Starting off we see the movie from the point of view of cameras at a wedding which fits in well with the way the first two films were shot. This part of the movie actually goes for quite some time until the outbreak occurs when the groom grabs hold of the camera and kicks it to bits. At which point we are into a fairly conventionally shot movie. It’s actually a fairly decent transition.

So looking at the movie from the point of view of a conventional zombie film it’s quite entertaining and actually a bit heartbreaking at points.

The decision to show the guests and wedding for a rather long time at the start of the film gave the audience a stronger connection to the characters making it harder to see them suffer and fall to the zombies.


The story follows the groom on his search for his bride and her search for him after having been separated when the outbreak occurred at their wedding. At every turn we see how deeply they love each other all the way to the end. When the bride is bit it’s a heartbreaker. This part of the story just killed me. I spent the whole movie falling completely in love with her and seeing her bit was horrible. The attempt to save her by cutting off her arm was horrifying and in the end when she finally succumbs and the groom joins her, you can’t help but feel a horrible sinking feeling. It was actually a great deal like the Walking Dead game though that’s a review for a different day.

At the start of the week I promised to post an illustration of the bride from [Rec]3 and have just put the finishing touches to her but I think I’m going to hold off on posting her image until next week when I’ll be back to posting more of my zombie illustrations.

Stay tuned.


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