Sitting down to watch [Rec]2 my expectations were pretty high having really enjoyed the first movie. I can’t honestly say it lived up to my expectations but it was fun.


The staging of the second film starts us off much like Aliens. In the original Alien film a group of totally unprepared people with only rudimentary means of defending themselves face off against the creature. In the follow up a well equipped and under-informed group of marines head in and are quickly made aware of just how unprepared they really were.

[Rec]2 plays out exactly the same way. Switch out the Colonial Marines for the Barcelona Swat team and switch out annoying and devious company man Burke for Vatican man Doctor Owen.

Like many sequels it ups the ante by adding more of everything, more violence, more action, more characters to follow and more complexity in the staging of the events of the story.

This film also borrows heavily from the Exorcist in some of the scenes involving the “demons” inhabiting the occupants of the apartment building. Though in this case I felt it was more a thematic similarity and not a case of trying to borrow heavily from another film.

Rec 2 is a fun but typical sequel to a great first film.

One thing that the movie does well is answer questions from the first movie and pose new questions in its ending making us want more. At the end of the first Rec we were left sort of puzzling over whether the zombies were being brought back due to infection or due to demonic power or some sort of combination. That combination is further confirmed and explained in the second film with a great twist in which we learn that the main zombie baddie Nina Medeiros is not only a demon type zombie AND a medical zombie but she also appears to be some sort of a parasite zombie.

Once again we are left wondering what’s about to happen next which we are yet to find out but might be getting a hint at when the upcoming [Rec] 4 comes out later  this year.

I’ll be following this post up with a note or two on [Rec] 3 at the end of the week.


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