rec woman in the attic


I just saw [Rec] for the first time this past week and was really thrilled. In fact I’m about to sit down and watch [Rec]2 in a few minutes. This week I focussed on a lot of the more attractive zombie women out there. The sirens or beauties. They pose the danger of attracting men who don’t realize they are a danger or underestimate what a danger they are. In the case of [Rec] I was so blown away by the woman int he attic that I decided she would be next. If you haven’t seen the movie you shouldn’t be reading this post by the way.

What I love about the movie, is the ambiguity and realism portrayed throughout. Yeah the whole Blair Witch Project film style isn’t such an amazing thing but it’s used well in this movie for some really memorable shots. The best horror movies leave a lot to our imagination and so this movie uses the style very nicely to let us imagine. It’s not entirely clear why the outbreak even occurred in this movie. It’s heavily suggested that it’s a medical outbreak of some sort yet at the end of the movie we find that it’s actually some sort of demonic possession. We are left with all sorts of questions. Like who was the little boy in the attic? And who is this woman I’ve illustrated above. You get the feeling it was the girl who the exorcism was conducted on and that she was being kept in this apartment like a safe house but that isn’t confirmed. For the viewer the mystery makes it all the more exciting.

I couldn’t look away from this woman. She scared the hell out of me. Her elongated face, the emaciated body, her complete lack of muscle tone. She seemed like a body that had lain around for a long time before waking up and trying to use that hammer. That tiny little hammer. It’s like even that thing is too heavy in her hand she is so wasted away. She is every bit the Gollum. The horror, that used to be something like a human. But long time, maybe years spent in the dark have wasted her away. She is an absolute horror and my favorite female zombie to date. (By to date of course I mean up to now you sick bastards.)

Having just watched [rec] 2 I’ve made this alteration.

niña medeiros


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