This week I’m going to take a look at five famous zombies.


Bub is probably one of the most well-known zombies from George Romero’s zombie series. We met him in Day of the Dead. He was a tool user who was captured and experimented on by a government scientist. He seemed to like music, and showed loyalty towards some of the humans. He even made it into the remake though in a slightly different form and his name being changed to Bud instead of Bub.

Honestly I’m not a big fan of Day of the Dead or Bub despite how iconic his image is. He’s more of a comical character than a tragic one and I just never felt sold on him in the story. One way Day of the Dead tries to advance the story of the zombie apocalypse is by showing what happened in a different part of the country, sunny Florida instead of cloudy Pennsylvania, and by showing what happened to some of the military when the outbreak happened. But once again it’s people holed up in a bunker with all sorts of horrible issues with relating to others to contend with and the zombies at the gates. In other words, pretty much the exact same story we saw in the previous two films. I would have much rather seen the story of a wandering gang like the bikers in Dawn or more of the panic in the city we saw at the start of Dawn. If they wanted to take the story further by showing a coastal city trying to rebuild in the aftermath and the place was ruled by the military, all those things would have been better. Day just seemed to miss the mark for me.

What do you think?


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