This week I’m taking a look at some well-known zombie hunters. These aren’t ranked into some sort of bullshit top ten list, just five great zombie stoppers.

Ash is my personal favorite when it comes to stopping the walking talking dead. Can we even call him Ash? I mean when Army of Darkness finally came out the credits read “Bruce Campbell VS The Army of Darkness.” It’s a fun little jolt that tells us how far the comedy in the movie is going to go and how much the series relied on the man with the chin. Campbell’s portrayal of the campy 3-stooges-esque hero Ash is as much my reason for watching it as Sam Raimi’s directing. After all, I can get blood and guts any old place but where else am I going to get it with so much groovy style.

For a lot of us the quintessential images from Evil Dead II are Ash with his hand going bad in the kitchen, lopping it off, and constructing and using the chainsaw. This is a completely ridiculous weaponization of a limb. Go back and watch 127 hours and see what cutting off your own hand does to you. Then tell me that guy was ready to stick a chainsaw on the stump and start kicking ass with it like he’d suddenly become the bad ass of the world. Not happening. But then, he’s not Bruce Campbell. It’s that wild brand of cocky swagger and cheesy machismo that sells the movie.



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