Although this is a blog about zombies, I thought it would be good to take this week and look at some of the other undead creatures lurking in the shadows.

This is another group that seems to pop up in a wide variety of forms in virtually every culture on earth. From the wailing banshees of Ireland to the horrible Poltergeists of Germany. Ghosts are the disembodied spirits of humans who have either returned to earth or been unable to leave earth for the afterlife due to a long list of reasons.

It’s simply impossible to sum up every kind of ghost there is or the variety of them though I’m sure someone will do it at some point, perhaps making a ghost blog similar to my Zombie encyclopedia. However I’ll simply contrast them to zombies by saying they are not flesh though they may inhabit flesh, they are spiritual energy and usually location, object, or person based. That is they “haunt” in very specific ways.

What’s your favorite ghost movie?
I know what mine is. The Lady In White. Just a terrifying movie at the time in which, if I remember correctly, Mona from Who’s the Boss plays the deceased mother of a deceased child who are both haunting an area and some people try to get them together? Is that even right? I refuse to google this! I have to go watch the movie again.

– On a side note: The image above was from some time ago and was part of a group of fairly cute monsters. The image of The Ring below is also older but a bit more recent than the ghost above.



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