Frankenstein’s Monster

frankensteins monster
This is mainly a blog about zombies but I thought it would be good to take this week and focus on some of our other undead friends.

We usually just call him Frankenstein, but this nearly one-of-a-kind creature is really the product of the brilliant but disturbed mind of Doctor Frankenstein. I say nearly one-of-a-kind because he is married after all.

For the most part this creature has lasted in our cultural consciousness in his best form, that of 1931’s Boris Karloff masterpiece. Somehow, he has never been done better than that. I’ve illustrated him like the Boris Karloff version before, but not for this post. The image above is meant to look a bit like what Frank might look like in one of the stories I’d illustrated. A patchwork creature made up of different parts. I don’t picture him as some wild giant or green of skin. No reason for him to have lots of bolts and extra bits sewn on. His body is made up of parts of regular people after all. Essentially he’s the ultimate transplant. Dr. Frankenstein “borrowed” bits and pieces of dead bodies to make up a whole new life form. A man of his own creation.

And that is really the difference between Frank and zombies, although he is made of dead flesh made animate, he’s alive. Wonderfully, curiously and powerfully alive. In the book he is on a quest to discover the meaning of his very existence questioning his god and his creator in a deeply introspective journey. He’s also not a flesh eater and can’t make new creatures. Though he did manage to get the doctor to create a wife for him. Lucky guy.

the bride of Frankenstein


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