feral kids

This week I’ll be focussing on the survivors in the post apocalyptic zombie world. feral kids
Remember Newt in Aliens? Of course you do. What kind of person would be reading a blog like this and NOT know about Newt from Aliens. Newt wasn’t quite feral yet. In fact TRUE cases of feral children are quite rare. Feral children typically result from cases of abuse or neglect and not just from living in the woods or being raised by wolves like a Benji adventure story.

In the zombie period, child survivors would probably abound. They would be wary of adults, filthy, malnourished, and likely to have highly secure nests. Children would be able to get into areas larger adults wouldn’t allowing them to escape certain zombies and occasional survivors that might threaten them. The degree to which the a child would be in a state like this depends a great deal on the length of time they were on their own.

More on feral children.


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