It’s your greatest fear. An entire horde of zombies. Even a small group of shufflers can be dealt with on your own. With fast zombies, you stand a chance in a one on one fight. Maybe you can even take out a few if you have the right weapon or the right position. But it’s not like that with hordes. Hordes are an animal all their own. In large groups the zombies seem to get agitated and the chances of survival plummet. Hordes are made up of a variety of different types of zombies,

These groups get harder to take out for a number of reasons.

First it’s hard to shoot more than one zombie at a time. Yeah if you are lucky enough to have a massive machine gun with unlimited ammunition like in the video games you might be able to blast their feet and limit their mobility. Or if you have a few grenades laying around, they might help, but that’s not likely to be the case. If you have a weapon and if you are any good at using it, you’re still going to have a hard time blasting a lot of moving targets in the head, and trying to reload.

Hand to hand combat doesn’t work out well in hordes. The number and variety of the zombies means you’ll be exhausted in just a few minutes.

You could take them out from a distance. Like the survivors in Dawn of the Dead trapped inside the mall with a horde of creatures outside, you could sniper them or drop bricks on them from a roof. You could even rope a few, pull them up and pop them in the head. Each of these methods poses it’s own problems though as you’ll run out of ammunition and could end up getting pulled over yourself if you try roping them. You might try burning them but fire is wildly unpredictable and before you know it you cold end up with a flaming horde on your hands and a hide out burning to the ground with you stuck inside. Whatever you do is going to take great physical effort and a great deal of time as well so take care.

With hordes, your best bet is to get away from them. Stay low. Let them disperse. If you can quietly take out a few to thin out their numbers great but keep a low profile and survive.


Published by

Mike Kloran

Educational Designer from Brooklyn New York. I'm a teacher, an artist, an athlete and constantly doing, making, drawing, creating! It's a busy life but I'm doing what I love and that's what matters most to me!

2 thoughts on “hordes”

  1. Great post! I find that a gun always has the disadvantage of making more noise, which attracts more zombies. Plus, reloading is such a chore! I prefer to a machete for this quick, clean kills. You’d be amazed how quickly you can take down a large horde wth a lil’ elbow grease! – Miss E


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