World War Z

Im typing on a computer with a  japanese keyboard at the moment so if t¥of¥¥   THAT happens, excuse me. I can’t find the apostrophe and buttons all seem to be in the wrong places. (Thankfully the spell checker is helping as I go along.)

A few years ago I was at the Barnes and Noble in on Union Square and picked up a fun little book as a bathroom read called The Zombie Survival Guide.

It was a fun, tongue in cheek book that gave tips and advice for survival in case the big Z apocalypse came and you found yourself in need of some quick survival skills. I was just getting into camping and hiking at the time and thought it would be a fun little read which it was. There were actually a lot of great tips and tricks in there which I really took to heart when dreaming up some of my own zombie stories like the comic Ive been working on here.

Unbeknownst to me though, the same author, Max Brooks, also came out with a follow up title called, World War Z which has just been turned into a big budget movie with Brad Pitt. I discovered this amazing little tidbit when the trailer for the movie suddenly appeared on iTunes.

Im going to hold off on writing about the book, or the story telling for now until I actually get a chance to read them. For now, let:s just take a quick look at the trailer and a few pros and cons.

The Good – 

Unfortunately, even though Im excited to see the movie, I don’t really have much good to say about it YET.  I will say the effects look pretty convincing, they’ve clearly invested in the production and it seems like with Brad Pitt involved, its going to be good. Having not read the book, it just looks like a kick ass end of the world zombie movie with my favorite fast moving mothers running all over the place.

The Bad – 

There are two things that grab me in the trailer that sort of put me off. The first is that incessant gong sound that pounds into our brains as the trailer goes on. This isn’t actually so bad, or wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the fact that its an overused technique. Remember the Transformers trailer, and the Inception trailer and half a dozen others that all used the same style?

The other thing is the way the zombies in the film seem to swarm like the squids in the Matrix. However powerful or hopped up on crazy adrenaline the zombies may be, they don’t gain super powers. If anything zombies are less powerful than humans though Ill accept they down process pain the same way and don’t let anything stop them. Some of the really wild or surprising scenes in the movie also seem to be the ones that put me off the most.

Other than that, from what Ive seen popping up on other blogs is that the movie doesnt seem to follow along with the style of the book too closely. My understanding though is that the author had some input on the movie and so I can’t really comment on how far off it actually is.

More to come on that. With payday coming on Thursday, my first stop is going to be the book store in Shinjuku to pick up the book and Ill throw a few fun notes about it up here soon!

Until then, sound off with your ideas and opinions! Id love to hear from some of you who have read the book.


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