Movie Review: The Horde

Despite being a bit flawed as a film, this 2009 flick from France (originally titled Le Horde,) is definitely worth the watch.

The story and plot aren’t so surprising. A group of dirty cops run a personal raid into a semi-abandoned building to root out some of the criminals holding up there. This is apparently in revenge for something horrible they did to one of the cops’ friends. Yadda yadda yadda, zombies suddenly overrun France and everyone is trapped in the building. So in classic zombie fashion, a group of survivors who don’t particularly like each other are forced to work together to try and survive a night of terror as the the zombies close in. No surprises there.

There are a LOT of really horrible points about this movie. Choppy videography and some preposterous fight scenes. One in particular has a massive horde of zombies surround a guy who stands on the roof of a car and menace him as he makes his last stand. These are fast moving berserker zombies who could sprint a kilometer without so much as huffing or puffing and yet can’t seem to reach this guy who is only inches away and with nothing standing in their way. The scene is one of the more memorable in the movie though for the sheer number of zombies and is prominently featured in the promotional materials for the movie. This hard to believe sort of craziness goes on throughout the movie and is one of several reasons it has such terrible ratings everywhere I look.

But! This isn’t a movie you watch expecting the deeper metaphorical reading of Citizen Kane or Kurosawa’s Ran. This is a fun bloody mess with some silly action and loads of exploding heads. So go in with your expectations set low, grab a beer and turn out the lights and just have fun with it. That’s about all it’s good for, so you might as well get that much out of it.

And if you don’t mind a really crappy dubbed version you can watch the whole thing on YouTube. (Normally I’m against dubbing and really prefer subtitles. But where I like this movie, I don’t like it enough to care about the dubbing.


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