Movie Review: Horror of The Zombies

This movie was originally released in 1974 in Spanish as “El Buque Maldito,” which I think translates as “The Cursed Ship.”

IMDB: The living corpses of the Satan-worshiping Knights Templar hunt for human victims in a 16th century galleon.

It’s hard to take the dubbed version of this movie seriously, and actually it’s hard to take the regular version seriously. The breathy, earnest way in which the voice actors deliver their lines is just laughable.

The premise above from IMDB doesn’t really give you the amazing set up that leads into the horror. Two models are set adrift in a boat as part of a publicity stunt. The idea is that they’ll be rescued by some ship and will be all over the papers.

However the first ship they encounter is a ghost ship, an old Spanish galleon haunted by the living-dead Satan-worshiping Knights Templar. I find this particularly funny since they Knights Templar were not, in fact, Satan worshipers. A rescue follows and hilarity ensues.

The dialogue is amazing throughout the movie, it’s fantastic. One of the two girls in the adrift boat has a roommate who goes looking for her and ends up trapped by her bosses. While locked up:
“I need some water.”
“Drink milk.”
“I don’t like milk.”
“You’re a pain.”

It’s a fun little flick for a Sunday morning or a good laugh over some beers but not much else.

This leads me to point out that this is of a very particular type of zombie flick, the satanic dead. That is, walking corpses, reanimated by evil. Honestly most zombie movies require a certain suspension of disbelief to think that a rotten corpse would keep moving around after all. This type of movie goes right ahead and attributes the evil power to satan directly.

Two stars.


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