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I wasn’t sure what this fellow was actually called and had mistakenly been calling him zipper face since he sort of resembles a popular Halloween costume. After searching about a bit I finally found his real name, the venerable Doctor Tongue.

Dr. Tongue

Doctor Tongue is one of the first zombies we see in Romero’s Day of the Dead. He’s a horribly deformed zombie with a face that’s been seriously messed up. His lower jaw is partly missing and his teeth are all messed up with his tongue lolling out and his face split in the middle. He probably ended up that way from a  blast or a chop to the face. No matter what though, if you see him coming, head the other way!


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I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw these guys recently but, I liked the idea so much I made this image.


A lot of modern zombie stories these days focus on zombies coming back because of some sort of infection or disease. In some cases this is likened to a variation of rabies. And what is one of the main things we always hear is a telltale sign of infection when confronted with an animal that might have rabies? Foaming at the mouth!

Foamers have a nasty lather of infectious foam around their mouths. It might even be coming out of their noses. Whatever you do stay clear away from them just like any other zombie and make sure that the foam or the fluids from the thing don’t get on you. In a lot of the stories the medical zombies tend to be highly infectious. So we don’t want any loose fluids getting around.

A short while back I did a post about the zombie type from The Walking Dead called coughers. This zombie type is pretty similar.


It’s dubious calling these things spitters. Mostly because I don’t think they really spit. Spitting implies that the creature is able to move its lips when it decides to hock a loogie at you. Rather, the fluid coming out of these things is more like a cough. What I want to point out here, is that there are some zombies which launch fluid at you. Whether they spit, cough or whatever, no matter how they get that fluid in your direction it’s best to just stay clear of them as best you can. It’s highly likely that these things have died of some sort of disease and that if you get their fluids on you or in you you’ll be infected too. This is a basic part of zombie lore as their saliva is meant to be highly infectious.

In a previous post I talked about a zombie type I did call coughers. I like calling them coughers because they seem like disease carriers who pread that disease all around. But the name is a little misleading because they might not actually cough. So I’m calling these ones spitters instead of coffers simply because they actually launch fluid at you. And it’s the launching of fluid that’s key to this particular zombie type.

Worm Eye

Worm Eye is the loving name given to the cover boy of Zombie fandom. This remarkably well preserved Spanish conquistador is just one of the many zombie horrors from Lucio Fulci’s Zombie 2. Late in the film we see him rising from the dead with worms crawling out of one eye and in wonderful Italian fashion, the make up and rot of this zombie are just amazing. He’s been a huge influence on other zombie movie makers, makeup artists, and fans alike.

I haven’t done a full review of  Zombie 2 yet but here’s an interesting thing to keep in mind.


Saying that Night of the Living Dead was an influential film is a sort of an understatement. It’s such an amazing piece of 60′s pop we often sort of forget just how groundbreaking and surprising the movie really was at the time. When the sequel  Dawn of the Dead came out years had passed since the original film. And so even though Dawn of the Dead is actually a sequel to Night of the Living Dead, it often feels like a standalone movie. None of the characters from the first film are carried over into the second film and the story is so differently told and contains such a different form of commentary on society that it’s easy to view them that way.

In Italy, Dawn of the Dead was released under the title “Zombi.” So, when Italian director Lucio Fulci released his film Zombie 2 it was apparently a sequel to Dawn of the Dead. Just based on the title alone I can understand the confusion. Story wise it just doesn’t make any sense.

In Dawn of the Dead, we see that the world has been overrun by zombies. We know this because every single place we are shown is devoid of organized government, services, police, and military presence. It’s entirely possible that some places on the planet and other places in the US where the story takes place, were not overrun. However Romero’s storytelling is meant to suggest it. He furthers this idea when we see in Day of the Dead, the official Romero sequel, that Florida is gone the military has fallen apart.

If Zombi 2 were actually a sequel, taking place after Dawn of the Dead, then the ending of the movie wouldn’t make any sense. At the end of Zombi 2, we see that a boat has reached New York Harbor and the zombies are infecting people in large numbers with walkers streaming across the bridges into Manhattan. This being Manhattan completely untouched by any sort of disaster or emergency like say the dead rising from their graves and taking over the world. Actually what’s suggested here is that Zombi 2 is really a prequel to Dawn of the Dead which does the job of explaining in more detail how the dead came to rise from their graves. It’s suggested in Night of the Living Dead that radiation from a space probe returning from Venus is the cause for the dead returning but if we consider Fulci’s version, it suggests a totally different origin.

Even though it’s fun to think of these movies as being related honestly they just aren’t. Marketing and titles and the money making that goes with filmmaking sort of overtook the artistry of two great but totally separate zombie masterpieces.

Sometime soon I’ll write up a full review of this movie and probably include these details as well but for now I just wanted to share this fun little illustration I did of worm eye.

So keep an eye out for that post coming soon.

I’ve posted this image of Henrietta once before when I did week of my favorite female zombies.

I think it’s debatable whether or not demons really are zombies or not. If they are, they fall under the category of magical religious zombies because they are created from dead bodies which have been reanimated by some sort of evil spirit or evil power. Now, of course a lot of demons in mythology appear simply as their own sort of creatures either alive or dead and are sort of like angels only evil. So when I say demons here I’m referring to a very specific kind of demon, an evil power or force that is disembodied but has inhabited the body of a dead human. Entering a living human, like in The Exorcist, constitutes possession. We would never say Regan was a zombie. Just a possessed little girl.

The image above is from the Evil Dead series. She’s the Henrietta zombie which was basically a woman whose body was possessed by a supernatural force and deformed because of the demonic evil power. Throughout the Evil Dead series the bodies of the deceased are reanimated by evil powers and forced to fight against the living.

Most zombies have something sort of magical about them. The very fact that they are dead and moving around defies logic and science and tends to lend itself to the magical or religious aspects of the dead making demons a perfect addition to the pantheon of zombies.


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droopersDroopers are fairly similar to drippers. The Distinguishing feature here is that the skin has come loose and is sort of hanging down. A person with a regular build will appear to have a flap of skin hanging over their belt line once the skin starts to sag. The jowls and face droop down and the skin may split and come away from the bone like on the top of the head. This kind of zombie will have flappy arms like your grandmother only not from old age. As with all of these nasty creatures, stay well clear if possible and dispatch them from a distance.


When someone says zombies without teeth  one of the first things I think of is Michonne’s zombie slaves on The Walking Dead. I also think of a fairly goofy sight gag used in zombie comedies. It goes like this, a zombie pops up and bites one of the main characters. The main character grimaces in pain and the horror of being bit, but then shoves off the zombie. The big reveal! The zombie was a little old lady and her teeth were only dentures. Big laugh.

Although it’s a rare zombie type and mostly used in comedies (where the hell did I see that?! Somebody help me with this!) I decided I would still include these fun, but seemingly harmless zombies on the list of zombie types. These zombies are typically old people who have turned and have a full set of dentures. (Though I think it’s pretty rare for anyone in real life to have a FULL set of dentures.) So if you come up against a little-old-lady zombie, or any zombie for that mater, don’t make the assumption that she’ll be easy to take out. Treat every zombie as a threat. As soon as you let down your guard you’re dead.

Maybe it’s a bit morbid to have a rotting corpse coming out of the fireplace to ruin Xmas for some kids but I’m not really much of an Xmas person and I don’t mind a zombie Santa. Actually, this Xmas is looking to be the worst one I’ve seen in quite a while. So a bit of the morbid seems in keeping with the way things are going this year. But enough of all that, I hope YOUR Xmas is filled with loads of good food, family, friends and presents galore. Not celebrating Xmas? I don’t blame you. Have a great end of 2013!

The wet, leathery thing dumped its guts on the floor,
as its santa suit burned and we backed out the door.

It had come down the chimney still clutching Rudolph’s reigns,
then lurched right towards us to feed on our brains.

Merry Xmas from Surviving the Dead!

hare krishna

This is one of those zombies that I never actually set out expecting to draw. He’s actually one of my least favorite as he just seems like a silly bit of comedy in an otherwise good film. The one good thing I will say about this character is that he seems to show how when things go wrong in the world they happen irrespective of one’s beliefs. To be honest I don’t know how anyone could believe in magical father figures that live in the sky or spirits etc. If prayer really saved people’s lives then it would work fairly consistently. For example disproportionate numbers of a particular belief surviving disasters or leading particularly successful lives etc. Fortunately for the logically minded and the sane, it’s easy to see that when things go wrong, the world doesn’t play favorites. Just what this sort of fellow represented in Dawn of the Dead.

Oh by the way, what finally got me to draw him was the latest season of Arrested Development. Is it just me, or does he look a heck of a lot like Buster?

hare krisnhaz
Buster Bluth

It’s rare but there are zombies who manage to rise above their undead state and become leaders. These characters are pretty common in the Romero zombie stories. In Dawn of the Dead we saw Flyboy suddenly become a leader when, as soon as he turned, he lead the zombies in the mall through the false wall to where the other survivors were hiding. Romero seems to grant his zombies a high degree of tool use and intelligence. It also seems in the later movies that the zombies are somehow growing and developing. They are starting to come back to themselves in some ways. And so Big Daddy comes along and leads an all-out assault on the survivors city with weapon in hand. He calls out, well he moans out battle cries and even instructs other zombies in what to do. He showed compassion by trying to help the other zombies and keep them from getting killed. This level of intelligence is something more befitting a monster than a zombie yet there we have it in the heart of zombie country.